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03 June 2008 @ 10:44 pm
 I figured three days to get over JetLag, but five days later I'm still up at 3 am and exhausted at 3 pm.  That doesn't even make sense....

The roof blew off of the primary school and the new foundations room.  We didn't do much on Sunday while Emmanuel dealt with it; thank goodness no kids were in there.  Corrugated zinc sheets flying around the grounds at a high rate of speed is not at all interesting, during populated hours.

On Monday, we met with Teachers Without Borders, which turned out to be a great gift to the world of Solar Cooking. The head of the organization is in charge of meeting the UN Millenium Goals for Nigeria (everyone lives on at least $1/day, zero emissions, education for all, no HIV, gender equality, etc).  He has a program of 300 ambassadors in rural villages, all local heros like Emmanuel, and hopes to have 1200 by the end of the year.  All of them will have solar cooker workshops, materials, and blueprints in their hands shortly, to judge by his excitement level.

Then we ended up at the Sheraton for some random reason, I think to change money, and I realized what they meant when they say the world has forgotten about them.  Most Nigerians struggle to get by each day, to just get food and medicine, and here are these fucking oil barons staying at five star hotels for $400 per night right down the block.  $400 would change someone's life, anyones' life here.  Emmanuel said, these kids, they just wake up every day thinking no one cares.  When people like us show up and give something back, it helps them realize that people do care.  

If we actually accomplished that, easing that burden in the life of even one child, I'm truly blessed.  I just started crying.  Of course!  Weepy me.  But those kids deserve better.

On to Amsterdam, where we were quite thankful for a hot shower, and a recycling bin, where we dumped all the empty bottles we'd drank water out of for two weeks.  They traveled far to not be burned in a trash fire.

And I received another gift from the universe, I finally saw "Crows Over the Wheatfield" and got weepy AGAIN.  I had been waiting sixteen years, and it WAS worth it.  Any fan of Modern or French art doesn't need more explanation than that.  That was the entire point of stopping in Amsterdam, for me.